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The name Six Lugs originated from my childhood. My siblings and I picked cherries near Atwood, Michigan to earn money for school clothing. The kindly farmer paid us $1.00 per lug (about 4 cents/pound). On the typical day, I could pick three or four lugs. On a special day, I managed to harvest six lugs, hence the name Six Lugs. Working the farms quickly taught me how to spot the best of the best cherries, and I only used those to make the special Cherry Vinaigrette you’re now holding.


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Customer Feedback

“I’m the salad queen in our household.  Always asked to bring a salad to the family gatherings.  Typically I make my own dressing.  It’s what I do.  We tried your Cherry Vinaigrette for the first time last night and it is absolutely fantastic! Going to try the others now. The whole family loved it, didn’t realize there could be much difference between salad dressings until we tried yours. You beat my old stand-by taste by far” – Kimberly Wasco

“I love salad, but think some store bought dressings can miss the mark when it comes to flavor. I end up with multiple bottles of dressings in my fridge that I try once and never use again. Until Now!  After trying your dressings I gave away all my trial dressings to my neighbor.  Yours is the only one to stock.  I have one of each in the fridge and two of each in the pantry.  Major crisis if we run out.  Keep up the great quality and taste.” – Megan Elizabeth

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