BBQ Gift Box

Cherry BBQ Sauce

Six Lugs knows good barbeque. Using only seasonal ingredients carefully sourced from local farmers, our small-batch, high-quality sauce will take anything you throw on the grill to the next level.

21 Fl. Oz. You’ve never had it so good!

Cherry Salsa

Not just for dipping.  Our cherry salsa is delicious over fresh tilapia grilled to perfection.

12 oz net weight of something you can make a meal out of.

5 Star Cocktail Cherries

These old-fashioned cocktail cherries were harvested at their peak, hand sorted, then crafted in small batches for 8 days to create the highest quality cocktail cherry. Enjoy with your favorite cocktail!

Cherry Garlic Preserves

Spread on bread or serve with seafood and fish. This cherry garlic preserves will excite your taste buds.



Cherry BBQ Label

Cherry Garlic Preserves

Product Life:

Our product has a three (3) year unopened shelf life.

Open refrigerated shelf life is one (1) year.

Our made date is on the bottom of the jar. The first 5 digit number segment is the year and day of the year our product was made.

Example: 17123 means the product was made in 2017 on day 123 of that year which is August 23, 2017.


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