Cherry Almond Preserves

This delightful sweet preserve is bursting with the fresh taste of cherries and pure almond extract.

It is a superb breakfast spread to enjoy with whipped butter or cream cheese on your morning muffins, bagels and toast.

Layer our Cherry Almond Preserves on top of peanut butter to make the best sandwich you have ever tasted. Say good bye grape jelly, you won’t go back!

10 oz. net weight.  Positively delicious!


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Product Life:

Our product has a three (3) year unopened shelf life.

Open refrigerated shelf life is one (1) year.

Our made date is on the bottom of the jar. The first 5 digit number segment is the year and day of the year our product was made.

Example: 17123 means the product was made in 2017 on day 123 of that year which is August 23, 2017.


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