Cherry Vinaigrette Salad Dressing

Enjoy our northern Michigan cherry vinaigrette salad dressing on fresh spinach or mixed green salads topped with dried cherries, walnuts and feta cheese.

Add non-fat plain yogurt to our Cherry Vinaigrette for a guilt free creamy cherry dressing.

Drizzle over vegetables in place of butter and salt for a refreshing new change.

12 Fl. Oz. of pure delight.

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Product Life:

Our product has a three (3) year unopened shelf life.

Open refrigerated shelf life is one (1) year.

Our made date is on the bottom of the jar. The first 5 digit number segment is the year and day of the year our product was made.

Example: 17123 means the product was made in 2017 on day 123 of that year which is August 23, 2017.


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